Charitable Projects

The ASSOCIATION OF ISLAMIC CHARITABLE PROJECTS (AICP) helps Muslims to actively engage within their immediate communities. It does this by incorporating into its service an assistance program for Muslims to set up charitable community projects by providing in-kind administrative and consultative support. This gives Muslims, especially youths, supervised space to positively construct their identity and to develop a legitimate expression of thought.

The Association runs various important charitable projects and significant community services in the following areas:

  1. Islamic Teaching - includes private lessons, as well as, public religious sermons, seminars and community religious teaching.
  2. Research - includes writing reports dealing with Muslim youth identity issues, social disadvantage and community responses. This also includes paper presentation and participation at conferences.
  3. Youth and Mentoring Services - this is mainly based in Western Sydney, and it includes a community mentoring program for Muslim youth and an online peer-mentoring service.
  4. Media Services - members write articles and blogs covering themes related to Islam and Muslims in Australia. AICP is also interested in community radio broadcasting and programming as a medium by which it could communicate with the community.
  5. Youth Employment Network - this mainly involves the building and construction industry where AICP assists Muslim youths in finding employment, apprenticeships and work training.