The ASSOCIATION OF ISLAMIC CHARITABLE PROJECTS (AICP) has an open membership policy to all Muslims who wish to function in society within the structures of an Islamic association that has the following features:

  1. a systematic methodology for contributing to the Islamic faith with soundness and fair exhortation;
  2. an association that strives to construct institutions with a beneficial return for the individual and their community.

The membership of AICP is diverse. It varies in countries of origin, ethnic backgrounds, educational level, social status, economic condition, age, and gender. AICP members also include those with university degrees and those with technical careers and manual labourers.

Ordinary Membership of AICP is open to all Muslims from various ethnicities, educational backgrounds, as well as any age and gender that are residing in Australia upon written application nominated by two current members of the Association and subject to the approval of the AICP Board. Members should accept the Aims & Objectives of the Association and endeavor to actively support its charitable projects either through volunteering or through donations made to the Association.

Honorary Membership of AICP is open for Muslims of reputable status and who possess the qualifications and the experience in dealing with Muslim issues and affairs. Honorary Memberships are admitted directly by the AICP Board after being nominated by a Board member.