The ASSOCIATION OF ISLAMIC CHARITABLE PROJECTS (AICP) has set out to play a role in ameliorating Muslim concerns related to personal experiences of discrimination, prejudice, employment opportunities, as well as, those related to appearance and political identity. It aims to help Muslims develop the skills necessary to deal with such concerns in a positive way, while at the same time reducing the appeal of negative trends by providing alternative channels that are managed by mainstream community structures.

AICP assists Muslim youth by encouraging their positive and constructive participation in local Muslim communities, as a first step to engagement within the wider society. This, we believe, has the merit of giving vulnerable youth a defence mechanism and a place where any form of negative dissent or religious misunderstanding can be mentored by the mainstream Muslim community.

AICP imparts to its members the positive aspects of history to give them hope about civilisational building and about their civilisational role as Muslims in Australia. This helps them to acquire a stake in the development of communal projects for Muslims living in Australia.

AICP sees its role as an important community asset and a building block for providing community support structures. It runs its programs on a community model of liaising with others to partner with them wherever feasible in order to better engage Muslims with existing community institutions.